City 30 - Genetic analysis post 06

It's time for another genetic analysis from Generation 2 of the City 30 norns!

For those unfamiliar to this series, City 30 was a test world for a beta version of the City Norn genome. An extended wolfing run was held in a Docking Station-only world. The wolfing run was stopped at around Generation 30. Using genetic analysis, I want to be able to follow the changes through the generations and uncover a little of what these norns would have been like!

My analysis isn't always spot on so please do let me know if I've misinterpreted something.

That said, let's have a look at...

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The City Norns Breed is Complete!

Here are three words you may well have forgotten all about:

The City Norns!

Haha, I've wanted to do that for a while!

I have stopped being lazy and the breed is now complete! The genome has been tweaked somewhat since the beta version to address issues and implement improved behaviour. I used Ghosthande's PRAYEgger and easyPRAY to make an .agent file so now the breed is available straight from the MUCO egg layer!

You can download the COMPLETE version of the City Norns HERE!

Please do contact me if you have any issues or errors with the breed.


City 30 - Genetic analysis post 05

Today I'm adding a new update to the City 30 series with my first genetic analysis of 2013! Today's analysis is simple and short, so hopefully it should be easy to follow. Will I make it through this one without making any mistakes..?

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With this analysis, we are now halfway through learning about Generation 2. Five more siblings remain to be discovered!
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City 30 - Genetic analysis post 03

I'm back from my break from Creatures and the Creatures community, and what better way to come back with than some good old genetic analysis?

Following on from my last City 30 post, today we are looking into the genetics of the sibling of 002-aqua and the child of the Generation 1 mated pair. Will this norn differ greatly from its family? Or will the resemblence be uncanny?

Let's find out with...

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City 30 - Genetic analysis post 02

In my last post about City 30, I took the time to show the differences in the City Norn experimental genome and a normal Chichi. Two norns were born with the City Norn genome, the first generation of City 30.

With this post we begin to explore the genetic diversity of Generation 2. All norns born in Generation 2 were the result of the Generation 1 mated pair. Please note that as these were from a Docking Station-only world, the exact history of these creatures - their names, genders, lives and deaths - has either been lost to time or is very difficult to unearth. The stories behind these creatures are as much a mystery to me as they are to you!

Hopefully we will be able to learn a little about them through analysing their genes but if anyone would like to suggest names for these norns or perhaps would like to write about what they might have been like then please do let me know (you can comment here or drop me a message over on Creatures Caves) and I will add your comments to my blog. :)

Generation 2 is made up of nine norns. Let's start with...

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City 30 - Genetic analysis post 01

This is the first post in what I hope will be an interesting series of genetic analysis of the norns from a world called City 30. City 30 was one of many trials for the still-in-testing City Norn genome and was meant to test its stability over time.

In this post, I will be detailing the differences between the version of the City Norn genome used in this trial and the standard Chichi genome. Please note that the City Norn genome has been tweaked a little bit since the City 30 test so the genome being compared is not the final version (a genetic comparison will be released with the final genome when it is released). I will be marking my overall thoughts on each edit with the following Red/Amber/Green system (with the Chichi genome marked in purple):

Negative - Neutral - Positive - Chichi

It should be noted that all of the Generation 1 norns (all two of them!) started with these genes.

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Warning! The huge battleship Unexpected Update is approaching fast!

Well, it's been about a month since the beta release of the City Norns so I figured it was more than about time for me to get back to updating! I've really been enjoying hearing people's feedback and criticisms on the City Norn project and I've actually been testing out an updated beta of them, the changes being altered lifestages (updated so that norns who haven't fed themselves will pass away before being able to breed as suggested by Grendel_Man) and updating some genes to work from birth rather than from childhood. These were inspired by the Gizmo genome - thanks to Malkin for pointing me to the list of Gizmo edits!

In case you're wondering why these edits have taken a month, well, honestly they haven't! But I've been busy planning my wedding next month and learning to look after four lovely young hens so it's been a busy time. :)

The changes were made last week and this weekend I held a wolfing run test to ensure everything was working smoothly. I think they worked a little too smoothly because before I knew it the Docking Station-only world was up to around generation 30 of version 2 City Norns!

My current plans for Creatures are:

  • Continue to play The Beginning to the end of the fourth generation!
  • Learn how to use CAOS and produce a City Norn .agents file for easier usage and distribution.
  • Use my 30 generation strong world to learn about Creatures 3 genetics! I will post most of the detail here but will also likely create a Genetics Megathread on Creatures Caves to seek help when needed (which I suspect will be a lot!).
  • Create and follow a new world in Creatures 3 with a scenario focus.
  • Make neat stuff for Creatures 3!

There's a lot to try my hand at and I'm looking forward to having a go. But first... time to close up my chicken coop. :)

Project Okami - City Norn Beta

I said I would post the beta version of Project Okami this week and now that we've reached Sunday, it's time to reveal the secret theme!

Please welcome to your Ark... *drumroll*

The City Norns!

  • Live fast and die young!
    City Norns live at an accelerated pace and have a shorter life span.

  • Fun is for sharing!
    City Norns love to spend their time in crowds and around other norns.

  • Education is important!
    City Norns make use of the CFEm genetic edits to respond to the world in a more intelligent way.

  • Fast food for faster living!
    City Norns love to eat food and fruit and get all their important nutrients from these two food groups. Unfortunately, they have developed minor allergies to seeds from their urban lifestyle so be careful with them!

  • Convenience is key!
    City Norns make better use of dispensers and teleporters to fulfil their needs.

Download the beta version of the City Norns HERE!

The City Norn sprites use Norn Slot P. You can find discussion on the beta version of the genome here. Full notes on the genome will be made available with the final version of the breed.

Thank you very much for checking out this breed!