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Project Okami - City Norn Beta

I said I would post the beta version of Project Okami this week and now that we've reached Sunday, it's time to reveal the secret theme!

Please welcome to your Ark... *drumroll*

The City Norns!

  • Live fast and die young!
    City Norns live at an accelerated pace and have a shorter life span.

  • Fun is for sharing!
    City Norns love to spend their time in crowds and around other norns.

  • Education is important!
    City Norns make use of the CFEm genetic edits to respond to the world in a more intelligent way.

  • Fast food for faster living!
    City Norns love to eat food and fruit and get all their important nutrients from these two food groups. Unfortunately, they have developed minor allergies to seeds from their urban lifestyle so be careful with them!

  • Convenience is key!
    City Norns make better use of dispensers and teleporters to fulfil their needs.

Download the beta version of the City Norns HERE!

The City Norn sprites use Norn Slot P. You can find discussion on the beta version of the genome here. Full notes on the genome will be made available with the final version of the breed.

Thank you very much for checking out this breed!