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Today I will choose which brand new baby norn is hatched into my brand new unexplored spaceship! It's an exciting time as this choice will form the future for nornkind in this world. As the first norn, it is very likely that most (if not all) future generations will be descended from them!

To begin with, I have chosen to hatch a female norn. In previous games in the series (or at least Creatures 1!), female norns developed slightly slower than male norns so it was very useful to hatch a female first to enable the most potential for breeding. I don't know whether this holds true for Creatures 3 but old habits die hard!

The more important question for me is which breed do I pick? With all of the official breeds installed, there is plenty of choice and it is slightly overwhelming to single one out! That said, I am trying to stick with a 'keep it basic' approach with this world and some breeds might be more complicated to look after, so to begin with I want to pick from the original Creatures 3 and Docking Station breeds. I can always introduce something more exotic further on down the line after all!

So that leaves us with four breeds to pick from. It is tempting simply to pick on looks at this point but it might be useful to observe the genomes involved so that I might plan for greater diversity. I don't know much about Creatures 3 genetics (or any kind really!) but let's see what we can learn from the Creatures 3 Genetics Kit and Gene Compare, two tools I'm sure I will find invaluable as I learn and play the game.

Bruin / Bengal / Civet
The default breeds from Creatures 3. I was surprised to find that they all share essentially the same genome - the only differences between them are in their five appearance genes. In other words, these three are skins for one genome. I certainly didn't know that until now! Still, this doesn't put me off using these breeds together - their appearances are a big part of the appeal and it could be easier to track genetic changes in generations if the parents have the same genome.

The default breed from Docking Station. The genome differs from the Creatures 3 breeds in numerous ways (variances in 98 different genes by Gene Compare's count!), the majority of which I don't really understand. The reel of text for just one difference in a half-life gene is honestly quite intimidating! I believe the changes are all positive traits which should be useful to have in future generations but it could prove harder to keep track of.

Here is the gist of the information I think I can interpret - please feel free to comment and correct me if I'm wrong! I believe that ChiChi norns are born with slightly higher levels of all antibodies and when hurt receive slightly less "chemical 90" (which I have no clue about). I'm not sure what Ac6 (Action6?) is but a new gene in ChiChi norns gives them a great deal of relief from boredom, crowdedness and pain when performing it. They seem to have some new instincts that help them to cope with boredom, crowdedness and pain as well. ChiChi norns move in a slightly different way to the default breeds and have different thresholds for pulling expressions. There looks to be a lot more to it than that but that is all I understand at the moment.

Update 1: It turns out that chemical 90 corresponds with the wounded state in norns - a very bad thing - and Ac6 is "I have been teleported". The new instincts relate to using portals. Thank you Malkin for pointing these out!

Update 2: If you would like to check out the genetic comparison for yourself, I have uploaded a .txt with the Gene Compare output. This comparison was made between the original (non-expressive) Bruin genome and the ChiChi genome. You can download the file here on Mediafire.

Phew, all that text for one decision! But I think it is interesting to show my thoughts here as this is such an important decision to make. I have made my mind up on who my first norn will be and now have a rough plan for the first generation.

Join me for my next post where we shall witness the start of new life on the Ark and I shall introduce you to my new norn!


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May. 3rd, 2012 02:09 am (UTC)
Chemical 90 is the 'Wounded' toxin, which kills the norn if it is too high.


Ac6 is 'I have been teleported' - it's used by the portals. Grab my Dummy Portal if you want to see it in action without being connected to the warp.


May. 3rd, 2012 09:29 am (UTC)
Re: Ac6
Oh wow, that is good to know and that link is very useful. Thank you for your help, Malkin! It seems that ChiChi norns are all-round more hardy than their Bruin, Bengal and Civet cousins. I wonder if that means that the default Creatures 3 breeds are actually somewhat fragile? I shall have to wait and see. :)

I will definitely test out the portal reaction - it seems like a great way to learn how to use the biochemistry set. I will set up a separate world for the purpose of testing reactions like these.
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